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Our Approach

We understand what it's like to have many things to balance in life and believe training plans should be structured around the individual.

We work with multipe different local coaches that offer- customized training plans, science, nutrition, and technology to build quality programs for their athletes. Our desire is for each athlete to achieve their goals and reach their personal best.  Working with a coach can help you reach the next level

Our Story

Our preferred coaches bring decades of experience within the endurance sports  world.  Whether its your first 5k or your tenth Ironman, they have been there and have first hand experience of what it takes to not only toe the line but to finish strong.



Jason Stine

USAT Level I Certified Coach

RRCA Certified Run Coach

Fast Forward Multisport


Jason is a multi-time Ironman finisher and has coached / raced everything from 5k to Ironman. Jason believes that if you follow the plan and put in the work there is nothing you can't accomplish.  Jason will work with you to design a training plan that works with your daily "life" .   This is a game of the heart, Focus and Finish


Holly Marzetti

USAT Level II Certified Coach, Level 3 Cycling, Youth and Junior Certified Coach

Fast Forward Multisport

Holly has coached and raced all levels of triathlon and running.  Holly works with you to design a plan that takes into account your real life situation and that accomplishes your goal. Holly wants to  aide you in your journey so that you will have an enjoyable and exhilarating experience training and racing.


Chance Regina

USAT Level I Certified Coach

AVC Endurance


Chance is a multi-time Ironman finisher, a multi-time Boston Marathon qualifier / finisher.  Chance believes  the power of preparation is the key to success in endurance sports.


Elizabeth Greer

RRCA Certified Run Coach

Fast Forward Multisport

Elizabeth is a multi-time Ironman finisher and a Boston Marathon qualifier / finisher.  Elizabeth has coached all levels of runners- beginner to elite from 5K to Marathon. Elizabeth believes that hard work and dedication will earn success


Susan Lipscomb

Swim Coach

Multisport Explosion


Mike Buteau

Triathlon & RRCA Certified Run Coach

AVC Endurance

Mike is a multi- time Ironman finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier. Mike has coached everything from first- time marathoners to triathletes to multiple Kona World Championship qualifiers and everything in between. Mike believes in hard work and personal accountability. Set a goal, follow the plan, get the results


Eddie O'dea

Certified Cycling Coach and Bike fitter

Fast Forward Multisport


Tiago Depaula

Triathlon & Cycling Certified Coach

Depaula Racing

Tiago has been racing for over 2 decades in triathlon and cycling. He became a professional cyclist in his early 20's and had many successful years racing all over the world.  After many years racing as a professional he left the pro cycling world and began to focus on triathlon.  Tiago has coached and raced everything from Ironman to 5k.  He believes to accomplish great fitness you must have great training. The results will come from your commitment and discipline.  

Coming SOON !!!

OTP is working with a few other coaches SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED!!


Next Steps...

Ready to take the next step? We can set you up for a consultation with our coaching staff.  All monthly and hourly prices are determined by the individual coach based on your needs.  Click the button on the right to start living your dreams!!